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The main motivation behind 808 Passing Academy is to provide current high school quarterbacks and wide receivers within the State of Hawaii the necessary skills and resources to maximize not only their athletic potential but also their academic potential. The end goal is to assist these individuals in the pursuit of a college education by way of their athletic and academic accomplishment, with the hope that these athletes will use their degrees to better their lives as well as their communities. In addition, 808 Passing Academy will mentor these athletes to become leaders and role models at their schools and within their communities.

The idea for 808 Passing Academy grew out of the experiences from the coaches at the academy. Throughout an athlete’s career, many individuals are involved in mentoring and assisting the athlete in reaching his full potential. This camp serves as a way for former players to give back to the next generation of quarterbacks and wide receivers as well as to give back to a community that provided them the opportunity to pursue a life-long dream.  

808 Passing Academy is designed to be a non-for-profit camp. Campers will attend the Academy free of charge as long as they meet the minimum requirements to attend. Resources will be needed to run the camp and sponsorships (from local businesses and individuals) will be pursued.



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